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2011-04-30 22:32:53 by JoHoBroz /417459 /417457

did some hella good shit with ths aw ye

o is it piko day or sumthin wut

Remixed Jesus Tug & Pull!!!!

2011-04-29 19:21:10 by JoHoBroz /417164!!!!!

i just spent a while working on it but i thought this new sonic makeover would work wonders. luckily it does! praise the lord!

check out the original here: /351230

What is UP my homies?

2010-10-31 02:17:08 by JoHoBroz

Ths is the JohObrozz music jam sesh station conjunction junction shit yo holmes. I post sweet music to smoke hellA WEED to and also to pray to,,, im a christian guy. me and jesus are bros. Here are a few of my dope songs about jesus our saviore /372812 /351230

What is UP my homies?